Going ondoor martijn strobbe

Soet 2019

Keep it going, keep it going, Keep on going...
Life is showing the way, no place is made to stay.
Keep it going, never settle for a moment.
Just let it be coming your way
For a moment it is your day, and tommorow you repeat.
This is the moment you need, just keep the meet and greet.
Don't think about cheese, greed or meat, U got it all for free
Don't spend your toughts dreaming, sitting under that tree.
She's not worth it, he's not worth it, simply enough, we're not worth it
Life is full of pain, life drives me insane.

I'm slightly insane
and it creates pain in my brain
Should i b a sinner or should i b prayin
Ah men i dont know the reason
we still playin
Ts'all AM sayin'
Mystery. My story
Twisted in dem others life.
My life. Head first dive.
Still i survive. Living it truly
Everybody can see me. Nobody asks me.
Understand me? Why don't you try me?
Express your reason of life to me
Tell me why they lie to me.
Why i would suffocate from truth while silence keeps killing us.
Choices i made are anonymous.
Anonymous does not forgive.
Still i do and i keep moving on.
Forward. Like my mistakes i go akward.
Can't find no rest in my backyard.
I lost the sense of my gravel pit.
I lost the feeling when my candles are lit.
People on assault. People in a heist.
The television reminds me of poltergeist.
There is no list of goals. The goal is in my head.
Will anybody know when i suddenly drop dead?
Let it go. Nothing people know... About meehhh