How strong is love really?door Brice gabiro

Soet 2019

How strong is love really?


A question that has been roaming my mind lately.

Having been a spectator of the effects of love,

I'm starting to wonder,


How strong is love really?


Love has been the guide in our life,

Standing tall in front of the crossroads we encounter.

Making sure the paths we choose, push us further.


But how strong is love really?


Is it really that powerful that we would neglect everything we believe in, in exchange of being immersed in it?


Does it really feel so good that we lose focus of everything around us except for the one we deeply feel for?


How strong is love really?


I would like for someone to describe this feeling to me:


This feeling,

Apparently able to turn us, mortal humans,

into superhuman beings, when it's for the sake of our loved ones.


This feeling,

That takes over the mind and body of every individual lucky enough to encounter it.


This feeling,

That pushes people beyond their limits so they can manifest their strong conviction in their own love.


How strong is it really?


This magical feeling that everyone yearns for, even those who dislike humanity.


This feeling of comfort and safety,

Giving people the certainty of always having someone to fall back too.


How strong is love really?


Sometimes I wish to feel, just how strong this love is.